Goth Club : Corrosion & Element 27
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Club event: Corrosion & Element 27
Clubs name: Ground Zero

Club location: 15 NE 4th St., Minneapolis, MN, Minneapolis, MN
When: Fridays, 10PM-2AM
Cover: $6 (free with City Pages ad before 10:30 or comp.)
Club's Door Policy: 21+
Drinks: Mixed drinks $4.25, less for beer,etc.
Club's Description:
In the main room -- Corrosion: Harder gothic, EBM, industrial music, with all the "Goths", "Rivets", ists, Freaks and Suburban Looky-Lous from -A-Go-Go In the Sanctuary -- Element 27: More dancy gothic, EBM, & techno in a smaller more conversational atmosphere. All the flare from the former First Ave. Element 27, with more people, a better atmosphere, and the wonderful Ground Zero staff.
Club's DJs: DV8, DJ Noise
Directions to the club:
Just north of downtown Minneapolis on 4th street near central ave
Club's Website:
Information provided by: Nate-Boi < ViceChrist @ >
Last updated on: 8/5/2005.Update this information

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