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A sobering moment from my past.

My slayer friend wrote a letter knowing that it would be put on the site. It’s on Letter from a slayer page so you can read it. It's a good idea to read the letter, and see the pic of “hacky” (above picture) to help paint a picture of what I'm about to tell you on here. The blade on “hacky” goes from the tip of my middle finger to my elbow. Between its weight and sharpness when dropped it would stick half an inch into wood floors. It would take some effort to pull it out just from dropping it.

I accidentally dropped it once and it sliced off a piece of my finger nail. For about two months we slept in the same bed together. I didn't even know she was a real slayer, just sensed something almost vampire about her. Hacky was on her side of the bed, sometimes it was on my side, in case someone tried to break into the house. She knew what I was, but I didn't know what she was until about 2 years later.

When she told me I instantly thought back to that time in our life, when she had that chance almost every night. It was a very sobering moment. That’s when I dropped my fears of people knowing what I am. She has told me that she wished she had a camera when she told me, and now that I have this page up, I wish she had a camera at that time too, because I would like to put that pic at the top of this page. Lot's of love to you Lynne, you know I won't run out of it.


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