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Recognizing a real slayer

Copyright 2005 Steve Leighton, copying without permission is forbidden by law.

I don't know much about identifying a real slayer myself. However I do know more than about 98% of all the real vampires and people that think they are real vampires out there, especially the ones that think of it as easy and obvious. I do know that the real slayers do blend in with real vampires extremely well. However, after the wake up call given to me by my friend that is one, I've been looking for ways to tell the difference between her and my friends that are real vampires, and I have found a few good ways to tell the difference.

Some of which I don’t think should be said on here yet. Naturally she won't tell me how to tell the difference so I've been figuring it out on my own. A little note to those of you that are reading this and thinking that you know how to spot a real slayer, that it’s easy to recognize a real slayer, and you don't have anything to learn from this page, here is your wake up call. You’re wrong. The few ways to recognize a real slayer are very subtle, and extremely well hidden.

If you have any techniques that I have not listed on here, go to my contact information page. I will try them out and if they prove accurate, I will add them to this page.

This page is to teach you awareness. This is not here for you to go out looking for them, hunting them down, and trying to kill them. They will only kill you if you attack or kill someone else. These people are more like good cops than over zealous vigilantes, unlike hunters, their wannabe counter part.

Your friend that you get the feeling may be a real vampire, that always helps you get a donor or some kind of blood whenever you really need it, or when the option is there regardless of the your shyness about asking for it, never lets you have any of their own blood, and never drinks any of it themselves is a real slayer. In other words the person that you think may be a real vampire, yet has no apparent interest in blood, and probably considered to be one of your best friends, which isn't so far from the truth is a real slayer. (That is how well they hide themselves.)

Them feeling like they might be a real vampire but are slight different comes from them having a natural sort of psychic camouflage. With my friend it’s almost perfect. Others it may be completely perfect. I have seen her aura once when she was making it much stronger than normal in an attempt at major healing, although that was the only time I’ve seen it happen. It was a very strong, pure, thick, way more golden than yellow color. When I made it clear that I could see what she was doing I suggested using white energy which she was able to switch to using very quickly.

If a real slayer is a friend of yours, the last thing they want to have to do is kill you because you needed blood so bad that you went psycho on someone. So when they see that your starting to need it they are actually very helpful about getting you a donor or some sort of animal blood to hold you over.

A real slayer will never let you have their blood and if you get it you will be killed. Because if you drink their blood (from what she told me) it will taint them, you will as with any other blood take on some of their abilities, and that’s just not a good thing for them to let happen.

Slayers don’t drink blood because, they have no interest in blood, they don’t need blood, and they simply have no taste or desire for it.

The most common fields of work that slayers get into are police, investigators, private investigators, forensics, the bouncer/doorman/bartender (that seems like they maybe a real vampire) at your favorite vampire bar/club. Do you really see anyone else being able to bounce a belligerent drunk real vampire out of a bar and taking his car keys in the process?

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