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The letter from a slayer

This is a letter (actually it's an email) that has been written to me, by a friend of mine that is a slayer. (That for the first two years of knowing her, I did not know she was a slayer. All that I knew is I got an odd feeling from her, and couldn't tell if she was a vampire or just a strong energy user, or what she was.) This email was written to me for the purpose of being used on this page, to tell the true role of a real slayer amongst real vampires. (In those two years she had many opportunities to kill me and obviously never did.)

We real vampires are not the only ones to have been falsely represented by Hollywood. A real slayer would kill a hunters, which has killed a real vampire that had never attacked someone for blood. Just as quickly as they would kill a real vampire, that has killed a human. This will explain it in more depth, from a real slayers point of view.

However all slayers do go by one law. Any real vampire that tastes a real slayers blood must be killed. Forbidden fruit

Her first response when I asked her to do me this favor was "Not a Fing chance in hell". After a lot of attempts at convincing her, her response was "too many guys upstairs already are keeping an eye on me. I can't go around starting a vampire revolution. (Understandable) I don?t give up easily, and told her she isn't the one starting a revolution, that she?s simply writing me an email for a website telling them what she's already told me. Response "Okay let me see the website then I'll think about it." I told her I'm not letting any one see it until its posted on 12/22/05.

Were you hoping to see a letter here? You might need some patience for that.

12/24/05 SHE SAID YES though doesn?t seem to be in much of a hurry to write it. Think she?s aiming for just the right wording, hard to say. If you have any questions or comments for her click here for my contact information.

Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2005 17:10:14 -0800 (PST)
From: "Lynne ??????" <@yahoo.com>
To: @yahoo.com

your letter is in there

Dear Steve,

Ok so like I said I would write you this letter... Its been making me a nervous wreck even thinking of writing it... I Don't exactly know where to start off... All I can say. is in these "letters" I'm writing to you. you may refer to me as Lynne.

O.k number one question Everyone who knows about me..(not many) is "Why don't you kill me when you know that I am a vamp?"

answer.. Well, first off (steve should know what im saying here) you have obviously not tried to harm anyone in front of me..(believe me in front of me is a wide area) anyhow, back to what I was saying.. I am here to protect the innocent.I do not care if you continue to be yourself as long as no one gets hurt on my watch.

Question number 2 How do you do it?, Your so small...

Answer.....Please don't think small framed people cant be slayers.. that as a vampire would be the number one mistake. and not a very good feeling one either.just trust me on that....

I opened my self up to Steve one night by crawling into his room (even though he had Hacky that he could have tried to kill me or I could have killed him with it..)and I awoke him and told him that I am a slayer. because I thought i could trust him.(boy am I glad I was right) Been best friends since.

I really don't know what else to write if I get questions or comments Trust me I will respond,.

Below is a picture of "Hacky"



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