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Warning: Some people actually believe what is on the website that this link leads to. They are called hunters, some call themselves slayers yet you can easily tell that they aren't a slayer. Though rare and very ignorant, they can be found in small towns and amongst "red necks". In the courts eyes they will be considered nutcases.

Real slayers don't follow these beliefs. Some people do, but they don't act on it. It is our job to change the views that they have of us. You will notice that it talks of vampirism being a biological anomaly. However, notice that its claims on “how and why” are a completely perverted form of what you will read on my website. Do not get the bio claims of that site confused with the facts on this site, nor consider it a way of saying this site is wrong as well. I have placed this site's link on this page of my website for many reasons.

  1. To show just how stupid some people out there are.

  2. To show the stupidity that they try to spread about real vampires, and in this particular sites case, zombies as well. Lol, zombies, these people must be true heroes, there are no zombies left.

  3. To show what some people are actually trying to do about their beliefs about real vampires. (I would like to point out that for all the info that is on this site, that the owner provides no contact information whatsoever, regardless of his claims of investigating "sightings of new vampire activity around the world". (You would think that it would provide contact info, so that people could tell him of new places to check.) My guess is its because he's gotten tired of so many people telling him how full of crap he is (assuming it is a he).

  4. This is a perfect example of the over zealous idiot that self proclaimed or possibly recruited hunters are. The plus side is, from the looks of it they wouldn't know a real vampire if it walked up to them and spat in their face. Plus 9 times out of 10 won't believe you even if you say to them you are a vampire, because you don't fit their idea of what a vampire is or looks like. (Trust me, I've done it) They just look at you like you're the one that's a few candles short of a birthday cake, and tell you that you’re definitely not a real vampire.

In other words, don't worry about hunters, and if you find one that talks of killing a vampire, report them to the police, as being a person that claims to have killed someone and seems crazy enough to have actually done it. And one more thing, just in the name of fun, and because it’s a good thing to learn what "hunters" actually believe, here is that magical website link below.

As a sign of my lack of fear of these people, my contact information has been and always will be in multiple places on my website. As for the club listings let one of them try going to a vamp club and try to follow a suspected vamp home to kill it. Notice unlike slayers hunters are just guessing when it comes to who is a vamp. The slayers themselves will see what’s going on and eliminate the hunter. A slayers job is to make sure that an innocent person is never killed. In their eyes a vamp that isn't hurting anyone is as innocent as any human.


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