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Club event: Wicked Wednesday
Clubs name: Schwimmbad Muisk Club / Blue Fish Club

Club location: Tiergartenstrasse 13, Heidelberg, Germany
When: Wednesdays 9:30pm-3:00am
Cover: 2 Euro (w/o convert)
Club's Door Policy: ages: 16+ till midnight, 18+ afterwards general admission unless totally drunk
Drinks: non-alcoholic: Euro 1.80-2.50 beer, wine: 2.30-4.00 also shots, long drinks etc.
Club's Description:
One of the longest running events in that region/city. You have to show up there if you live there ;-) The Music is the general mix from Electronic stuff to classic Goth Rock. The crowd is mostly black as you'd expect it from everywhere else. The event takes place in the basement of the club. On the other dance floor they play alternative rock/punk/etc. So, you'll run into these kind of people, too.The club also has a stage where at least once every month they have a well known gothick/elctro/dark wave band. See webpage for program.
Club's DJs: DJ Jochen -
06221 470201
Directions to the club:
The club is in the Northwest of Heidelberg near Zoo/Youth Hostel/University/University Dorms. Head for these signs. Then head for "Schwimmbad" or "Freibad", the club is right next to it (hence the name).Bus: Take line 33 to "Neuenheim/Schwimmbad" and exit "Schwimmbad".When inside go downstairs! Unless there is a concert which is upstairs.
Club's Website:
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