Goth Club : The Betty Ford Clinic
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Club event: The Betty Ford Clinic
Clubs name: Deep Blue @ SEOne

Club location: Weston St, London SE1, London, UK
When: 10pm - 4am, usually 3rd Friday of the month.
Cover: **7 / **6 concessions
Club's Door Policy: Goth / industrial / fetish dresscode. Strictly no under 18's!
Club's Description:
An eclectic mix of EBM, traditional goth and whatever else the DJ's feel like playing. Relaxed crowd and a great way to wind down after the week. Doors @ 10 but people often meet in local pubs beforehand. Actually I don't think that this club works an more
Club's DJs: Nils, Psyche, Ben, Phate, kilinrax

Directions to the club:
London Bridge tube station - check streetmap for 'weston street' - it's in the complex of railway arches underneath London Bridge station
Club's Website:
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