Goth Club : Nightshade
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Club event: Nightshade
Clubs name: Gap Club

Club location: 61a, Western Road, Brighton, UK
When: Saturday Bi-monthly / 22:00 - 02:00
Cover: 5.00/3.00 NUS/Flyer
Club's Door Policy: 18+. As with any club, random I.D. checks are in place... you may be asked, you may not... use your best judgement here. Dresscode: Black, velvet, lace, pvc, uniforms, rubber & cyber wear are encouraged, but not mandatory. Just make an effort and not turn up in streetwear or "normal" trainers [you know what type of person I'm referencing]
Drinks: Bottles of Strongbow Cider 2.00 all night.
Club's Description:
The music is varied - the DJ's deliver a leathal dose of Goth, Industrial, EBM & 80's rock *every* time, which pleases the collective without fail.The mixed age group lends itself to creating the club's unique atmosphere - a blend of charged euphoria & welcoming familiarity, which guarantees that any visitor will have a great night out & hopefully leave them counting down the days until the next one!The DJ's are all sweeties [no, really!] the people are stunning - what more can you want? A seriously addictive night out.
Club's DJs: Silo, Amadeus, Cyberthreat & Zombie

Directions to the club:
Regular bus routes service the area (including Night Bus), Hove train station is a 15 minute walk away (head towards the seafront/Palmeira Square and you can't really go wrong - Western Road is a long straight road that runs parallel to the sea...the Biscuit Factory pub is the last building on the road on the corner & Sole Mio's restaurant is on the corner of the other side of the road & the Tesco Express is literally opposite on the other side...if you're lost, people are normally cool enough to point you in the right direction! lol)
Club's Website:
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