Goth Club : Night of the Living Dead
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Night of the Living Dead

Club event: Night of the Living Dead
Clubs name: K17

Club location: Pettenkoferstr. 16-19, Berlin, Germany
When: 10pm
Cover: 4 € / 5 € (after 12pm)
Club's Door Policy: no policy but it's dark
Drinks: 2,50 euro
Club's Description:
One Club - 3 Parties! ============================== 1st Floor: CLUB NOIR (Electronix, Classix, ...) 2nd Floor: MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE (Gothic, Wave, Batcave, ...) 3th Floor: STAHLKLANG (Industrial, EBM, Electronix, ...)
Club's DJs: changed
Directions to the club:
It's in friedrichshain. Take the s-bahn or u-bahn to stop frankfurter allee , then go to Pettenkoferstr. Take a right. It is difficult to find, so walk slowly and listen for music or follow the others dressed like you. You have to go through a gate and a parking lot to find it.
Club's Website:
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