Goth Club : Lowlife
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Club event: Lowlife
Clubs name: The Engine Room

Club location: Bottom of Preston Street, Brighton, UK
When: 4th Saturday of the month
Cover: 5:00 / 3:50
Club's Door Policy: Alternative dress is encouraged but you wont get turned away.
Drinks: Usual UK drink prices.
Club's Description:
A friendly, dressed up crowd, dancing to Gothic, Industrial and alternative music.Now the club is on a Saturday, attendance has gone up considerably. So get there early!
Club's DJs: Liz and Andrew

Directions to the club:
From Brighton Station go staight down towards the sea along 'Queens Road' and turn right at the Clock tower (you can't miss it) Go down 'Western Road' for a bit past 'Churchill Square' and turn left into 'Preston Street' The Engine Room is at the bottom on the right on the corner of 'Kings Road'
Club's Website:
Information provided by: Andrew lizandrew.swarf @
Last updated on: 7/17/2006.Update this information

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