Goth Club : Klangschlacht
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Club event: Klangschlacht
Clubs name: Lime Club

Club location: Dircksenstraße 105, Berlin, Germany
When: Third Friday of the month
Cover: 3,50€
Club's Door Policy: none
Club's Description:
As always in the lime club, "normal" people as well as hardcore goths and electronics. Note: I was there in June and had some trouble finding it, due to an eight lane road cutting between the Alexanderplatz and the Lime Club. You have to go about three blocks in either direction in order to cross. The music was guitar heavy, with songs from Moonspell, System of a Down and Slayer. The bathroom is coed.
Club's DJs: Lars + Stoffel

Directions to the club:
close to the alexanderplatz, direction jannowitzbrücke
Club's Website:
Information provided by: Garrett, Elisabeth Keller < garmaddog @, shadowsfeare @
Last updated on: 9/16/2005.Update this information

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