Goth Club : Inferno
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Club event: Inferno
Clubs name: Electric Ballroom

Club location: London, UK
When: 1st Friday of each month
Cover: 5 with flyer before 11.30pm / 7 without and after 11.30pm
Club's Door Policy: YES
Drinks: All Drinks London prices.
Club's Description:
Goth EBM Industrial on FIrst floor. Rock and metal on second.
Club's DJs: The club incorporated performance artists and dj's from across the alternative scene

Directions to the club:
Take the Northern Line to Camden Tube Station. The Venue is called Electric ballroom.
Club's Website:
Information provided by: Robert Shen < Headtr1p36 @
Last updated on: 4/13/2006.Update this information

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