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Freak Show

Club event: Freak Show
Clubs name: Lime Club

Club location: Dircksenstrasse 105, Berlin, Germany
When: First and Fourth Fridays of the month - Saturday too!
Cover: 3,50 € to 5 € every first Friday of the month the entry is free until 1 o'clock
Club's Door Policy: no policy
Club's Description:
It's very strange but you'll find people here from alternative wannabees to extreme goths.... gothic/industrial/metal/strange dark stuff.. Fantastic classic goth/ind atmosphere attended by the truly devoted. The dj actually encourages requests and plays them. Thankfully, only limited exposure to tired "Mansonite" music. Lovely dancers and a wide cross section of the best new and old make it well worth your time.
Club's DJs: DJ Lars and DJ Stoffel

Directions to the club:
It's in mitte not far from s-bahn station alexanderplatz or jannowitzbrücke
Club's Website:
Information provided by: Elisabeth Keller < shadowsfeare @
Last updated on: 11/19/2005.Update this information

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