Goth Club : Dead and Buried
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Dead and Buried

Club event: Dead and Buried
Clubs name: The Rocket Complex [London Metropolitan University]

Club location: 166 - 220 Holloway Road, London, UK
When: 1st Friday of the month, 21.00 - 03.00
Cover: 3 before 22.00 otherwise 6/5 concessions
Club's Door Policy: Over 18's. Dress code: Goth, Punk, Black, Big Hair, Make up, Fishnet, Big Boots!
Drinks: Bottled and draught beers, spirits, wine etc. Usual London pub prices.
Club's Description:
Deathrock. Batcave. Postpunk. Gothabilly. Horror Punk. Goth - Deathrock night playing "classics" and "new century" Deathrock and associated tunes! No Techno. No EBM. No 80's. No Metal. Cinema Strange/Bauhaus/Antiworld/Cocteau Twins/Lords of the New Church/Scarlets Remains/Black Ice/Psycho Charger/Bloody Dead and Sexy/Sex Gang/Christian Death/Empire Hideous/Death in Dresden/Devilish Presley/Alien Sex Fiend/Gein and the Graverobbers/Katscan/1919/Birthday Party/UK Deacy/Cure/Frankenstein/Deadbolt/Cardiacs/Foetus/Killing Joke/Murder at the Registry/Voodoo Church/Shadow Reichenstein/Element/Siouxsie etc.
Club's DJs: Cavey Nik and DJane Darlin' Grave + guests
07981 234335
Directions to the club:
Turn right out of Holloway Road tube (about 5 mins walk). Turn left out of Highbury and Islington tube (about 10 mins walk). Busses 393, 271, 43
Club's Website:
Information provided by: Cavey Nik < caveynik @
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