Goth Club : Blackmachine
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Club event: Blackmachine
Clubs name: The Portman Hotel

Club location: 97,Ashley Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth, UK
When: Last Saturday of every month 9:00pm to 2:00am
Cover: 5
Club's Door Policy: For entry: 18+, black/leather/goth/industrial/cyberware preferred.
Drinks: Beers, Wines and Spirits all at Pub prices
Club's Description:
Music is all things dark. Good atmosphere/people. Blackmachine is a Goth/Industrial night with a difference. We try to put on well-known live bands of the genre on each occasion. Previously: The Last Dance (USA), The Faces Of Sarah (UK), Tracer (UK), Noisex (D), Deviant UK (UK), Trauma Pet (UK). The Last Cry (UK), Undying Legacy (UK), NFD (UK), Killing Miranda (UK). Libitina (UK), Silence Is Sexy (UK/D), Deathboy (UK), Faetal (UK), Inkubbus Sukkubus (UK) & many more.
Club's DJs: Kaiser Bock
Directions to the club:
On main bus route to Boscombe from Bournemouth Rail Station and Travel Interchange. A few minutes walk from AFC Bournemouth Football Ground
Club's Website:
Information provided by: Kaiser Bock < kaiser_bock @, jason.private @
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